source: superglamorous @ deviantart

source: superglamorous @ deviantart

I just got back from Gotham Writer’s Workshop’s Free 1-hour Fiction Writing Class in Cobble Hill.  It was held at a really cute bookstore called Book Court.  The interior is very spacious, brightly lit, and has a great selection of books to peruse through!  I would definitely recommend checking it out.

The workshop itself focused on how to envision and create fictional characters.  I thought it was a great way to jump start my brain into thinking through this process.  The instructor highlighted four ways of illustrating characters:
1) Action
2) Speech
3) Appearance
4) Thoughts

We did some free-writing but I’m too embarrassed to share what I wrote.
Another tip the instructor gave was to set “wimpy goals” – small and obtainable daily goals that will help you re-visit your writing every day.  I think I need to commit to writing for 10 minutes every day and see what happens from there.
What wimpy goals have worked for you?


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